DNS Reverse Lookup Failed

Error:  Task 'me@mydomain.com ' Sending reported error: 'The server responded: 550 This system is configured to reject mail from 999.999.999.999 [999.999.999.999] (DNS reverse lookup failed)'

Description: You receive this error message when attempting to send mail through the Host Depot Email servers. The Host Depot email servers use Reverse DNS lookups to verify the sender.  This helps with the amount of SPAM allowed in.  

Solution: What you need to do is talk to the entity responsible for maintaining your public DNS.  This is normally your ISP.  What you want in the public DNS is a PTR record.  This associates your public IP address  with a FQDN.  You want the domain name portion of the FQDN to match what your sending SMTP addresses contain. 

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