How to configure email using your Apple iPhone

1.  Go to SETTINGS



4.  Click OTHER


Fill in your information accordingly

   Address (full email address)
   Password (password for email )

6.  Click NEXT

7.  Select IMAP on this 'new account' page. (This is the default).  This option allows you to view your mail on several devices.  (If this is your only way of checking mail, use POP)  

Enter Incoming Mail Server Information.

Host Name -
User Name - full email address
Password - (password for email)

Enter Outgoing Mail Server Information

Host Name - 
User Name - full email address (this is required for authentication)
Password - (password for email)

8.  Click NEXT

It will begin verification.  You may get a message 'cannot connect using SSL'.  "Do you want to try setting up the account without SSL?' Select YES.  Verification will again begin. (It may take a little while, be patient) (If you receive that message again, click YES.)

After a successful connection, your options will have check marks and you'll be taken to the 'SAVE' screen.        

9.  Click SAVE 
You will see a brief message 'adding account'
Then 'Account Added'.

You can then select your 'MAIL' icon.  You can now send and receive mail.  

Important - If you encounter problems SENDING mail, it may mean that your provider has port 25 blocked and you will need to change your Outgoing Mail Server port to 587.

To change the port settings for your OUTGOING MAIL SERVER

1.  Click on the account in question.
2.  Click on 'Account' (beneath the word IMAP)
3.  Scroll down to 'Outgoing Mail Server'.  Click on SMTP.
4.  Under 'Primary Server' ensure 'on'
5.  Click on it
6.  Under 'Outgoing Mail Server', change 'Server Port' to 587
7.  Click 'Done'
8.  Click 'Account' to take you back
9.  Click 'Done'
10. Click Mail... which should take you back to 'settings'.  
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