When I try to display or assign a variable to an SQL Server database column of data type text, I receive an error message. Why?

SQL Server database columns of data type text are BLOBs (Binary Large OBjects). Unlike char and varchar data type columns which have a limit of 8,000 bytes (characters), BLOB columns can contain many gigabytes of text or binary data. BLOB columns are ideal for storing large amounts of text (like long paragraphs of information), or binary data (like images, sounds or motion videos).

Because text columns can contain such large amounts of data, they sometimes must be handled differently than regular char or varchar columns with ASP and ADO in order to retrieve the data from the database table.

If you are receiving an error when operating on a text column, you must use the GetChunk method of the Field object in ADO to extract the data.

Please see the following Microsoft Support Knowledge Base articles for more details on this issue. This article contains an example of how to use the GetChunk method to extract data from text columns.



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