Live From Mario's of Boca!

Popular Restaurant To Serve 'Talk About Mortgages And Real Estate' (Over Linguini?)

BOCA RATON, Fla. -- September, 8, 2003 /PRNewswire/ -- How do you like your real estate served? Over linguini with a light marinara sauce?

Starting this week, besides lasagna and ravioli, real estate is on the menu at Mario's of Boca with the debut of live broadcasts of Anthony and Susan Cutaia's popular radio show "Talk About Mortgages and Real Estate," sponsored by Host Depot, Inc.

Spinning the show out of its cloistered studio and into a popular local restaurant was an idea cooked up by TransMedia Group. The public relations firm represents both the Cutaia Mortgage Group and Mario's of Boca.

"We just thought that Anthony and Susan Cutaia were too colorful to be tucked away in a studio," said TransMedia Chairman and "Spin Man" author Tom Madden. "Just like Don Imus in the morning, we thought this husband-and-wife team should be seen in an appetizing setting. And what better place to talk about recipes for real estate investment than where people are perusing a menu full of gourmet recipes," Madden said.

The show, hosted by the Cutaias, airs Monday through Friday, 6 to 7 PM, on WSBR 740 AM, 12 noon Wednesday and Thursday on WDJA 850 AM and WFTL 1400 AM, 2 PM Friday on WDJA 850 AM and WFTL 1400 AM, and 3 PM Saturday on WSBR 740 AM. The show will air from an enclosed private room at Mario's of Boca, though diners will be able to see the Cutaias through large interior windows as they broadcast live. Besides taking phone calls from listeners, the Cutaias will answer some real estate questions from restaurant patrons delivered by their waiters.

"We'll start out broadcasting just a few shows a week from Mario's of Boca, located next to the Holiday Inn on Military Trail just south of Glades," said Michelle Soudry, who arranged for a special phone line to connect the restaurant with WSBR's studio. "Once we see that real estate and mortgages go well with fine food, we'll expand the menu," she said.

Mario's of Boca is one of three restaurants in Boca Raton owned and operated by The Bova Family. The others are Mario's Tuscan Grill and Grinders.

TransMedia is Palm Beach County's largest public relations firm serving clients worldwide since 1981.

CONTACT: Michelle Soudry of The TransMedia Group, +1-561-750-9800, ext. 28, or , for Cutaia Mortgage Group

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