Our network is constructed with the best connectivity and equipment available today. Host Depot only uses the best vendors and manufacturers' products to build high-performance, reliable, redundant, and secure networks. What this means to you is a fast and responsive web site for your users and customers - one that will let you sleep well at night.

Our external connectivity is comprised of multiple high-speed (OC-12) fiber circuits provided by NTT/Verio, Level(3), Qwest. These are Tier-1 connectivity providers which means your server is as close to the Internet backbone as possible. This provides you with the best performance and accessibility possible.

NTT/Verio Level(3) Qwest

Our internal network is secured from outside intruders by our CheckPoint firewalls. Checkpoint is the worldwide market leader in firewall protection and intrusion detection systems installations.

Our internal backbone network consists of a switched Gigabit Fast Ethernet (1 Gbps) backbone using Cisco switches and routers. Switching actually makes a dedicated 1 Gbps connection between the source and destination device for the duration of the conversation. This is superior to using hubs as they share the available bandwidth for all conversations going through the device at any given time.

Cisco CheckPoint Foundry

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