IP Address Policy

All dedicated servers are provisioned with one usable IP address. If customers require additional IP addresses, they must request additional IP addresses from the Technical Support team and provide a valid domain name for each requested IP address.

Name-based virtual web site hosting or "IP-less" virtual web hosting is becoming commonly utilized and accepted as a way to reduce the number of required IP addresses.

Link to ARIN: (ARIN = American Registry for Internet Numbers)

Assorted sections of ARIN's web site (quoted below) are placed here as a convenience to explain why Host Depot is taking this action. For more information, please visit the official ARIN web site at http://www.arin.net.

Because the number of available IP Addresses on the Internet is limited, many factors must be considered in the determination of address space allocations. Therefore, IP address space is allocated to ISP's using a slow-start model. Allocations are based on justified need, not solely on a predicted customer base.

Utilization rate of address space is a key factor, among others, in determining address allocation. IP address allocations are valid as long as the utilization and other relevant criteria continue to be met, and the yearly fee is submitted. ARIN may invalidate any IP allocation if it determines that the requirement for the address space no longer exists. In the event of address space recall, ARIN will make every reasonable effort to inform the organization that the addresses are being returned to the free pool of IPv4 address space.

Reassigning Address Space to Customers:
ISP's are required to apply a utilization efficiency criterion in providing address space to their customers. To this end, ISP's should have documented justification available for each reassignment. ARIN may request this justification at any time. If justification is not provided, future receipt of allocations may be impacted. In extreme cases, existing allocations may be affected.

The most important factor in evaluating requests for additional address space is the current utilization of address space by the requesting ISP as well as its downstream customers. ISP's must have efficiently utilized all previous allocations, and at least 80% of their most recent allocations in order to receive additional space. This includes all space reassigned to their customers. Therefore, it is important that ISP's require their downstream customers to follow the efficient utilization practices described in this and other ARIN guidelines.

Please note that until your prior utilization is verified to meet the ARIN requirement, we can neither process nor approve a request for additional addresses.

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